La dernière version de RockNES pour Windows optimisé Core2 (Duo ou Quad) !!!

– Major APU timing fix.
– Minor fix for $2004 reads.
– Some CPU fixes, including all possible dummy read cases.
– Sound sample rate is at 44100hz and cannot be changed for now.
– Created config flag to enable/disable sound output.
– Changed PRG bank masking for non-power-of-2 values.
– Removed disassembling at $4000-$4FFF.
– Fixed a bug restoring pAPU savestate block.
– Fixed PRG bank number calculation in the disassembler.
– Fixed a potential bug of disassembling the main RAM.
– Fixed mapper 4 and variants to include CHR-RAM bankswitching.
– Fixed Atari RBI baseball mapper number.
– Added mapper 86, JALECO-JF-13, partial.
– Added mapper 93 « Fantasy Zone (J) ».
– Added checks for unexpected/non-standard cartridge configs.
– Added ability to dump the secondary OAM data.
– Added palette RAM viewer.
– Added a new screenshot method: captures the desktop.
– Added an option for sound to output like a famicom-clone console.
– Reworked sound driver and pAPU startup.
– No more needed to restart the emulator when changing sound settings.
– Palette files are loaded on emulator startup, when specified.
– Proper GUI menu items disable, instead of warning popups.
– Switched back the color emphasis table.
– Removed « quit emulation » key config, now it’s key F11 only.
– Lots of general cosmetic changes.
– Major update to the emulator documentation.

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