Spectaculator est un émulateur Sinclair ZX Spectrum 16K/48K/128/+2/+2A/+3 pour PC.

– Spectrum +3 disk images in IPF format are now supported. You will need to install the IPF Support Library before IPF disk images can be used.
– The display renderer has been completely rewritten to work better with modern graphics cards and later versions of Windows. A minimum version of DirectX 9 with a graphics card capable of hardware-accelerated Direct3D is required. This fixes the problem of blocky graphics on ATI and nVidia cards on Windows Vista and Windows 7.
– Added Shay Green’s NTSC Libraries to provide a more TV-like display. You can choose from the simulation of a fairly high-quality RGB display right down to a noisy RF (a.k.a. aerial) connection.
– Implemented correct beeper emulation with respect to the four voltage levels produced by the ULA. The correct sound is now heard from (the few) programs using both the EAR and MIC bits to drive the speaker.
– Fixed emulation of the unconnected upper AY registers.
– Fixed reading AY control port using port $bffd on the +2A and +3 only (thanks Woody).
– Added 4x zoom mode.

Télécharger Spectaculator v8.0 (4,4 Mo)

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