sz81 est un émulateur de Sinclair ZX80/ZX81 basé sur le travail de Collier’s xz80 et Russell Marks Z81 mais utilisant la bibliothèque SDL et ajoutant des fonctionnalités supplémentaires.

– Added forced (non-LOAD) program loading via a load file dialog
– Added a save state system for saving and loading sz81 save states
– Moved command-line emulation options to GUI runtime options
– Added support for 1 to 4, 16, 32, 48 and 56K RAM (UDG now works)
– Added the ability to save screenshots via PrtScn (SDLK_PRINT)
– Added support for o, 80, p and 81 program file types
– Added autoloading of ZX80 program files in addition to the ZX81
– Added sequential filenaming for ZX80, printer and screenshot files
– Added a ZX80 BASIC xxxx REM SAVE « progname » filenaming hack
– Added an emulator pause feature via Pause (SDLK_PAUSE)
– Added mouse wheel support, used within the load file dialog
– Added a machine code PipePanic game and a machine code template
– Added the GNU GPL’d Open80 and Open81 source code and ROMs
– Added Win32 support via the _WIN32 preprocessor macro
– Applied several graphical and usability tweaks
– Fixed a couple of bugs

Télécharger sz81 2.1.7 (538,3 Ko)

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