Il s’agit d’un éditeur de table pour Flippers.

Fixed bugs:
– Copy and Paste Decals
– Layback causing Graphic glitches with ball decals
– Radio buttons in Video Options Dialog
– Tabstops in Backlass Options
– unhandled exception with script errors
– Text Decals not showing
– Kickers and Triggers that are in the same position caused lockups
– transparency issue with 32bpp bmp Files
– bumpers and slingshots were disabled at start of the game when not visible
– Textures were cropped at MaxTexDim at very special conditions
– Alpha Ramps were not showing with Balls created from script.
– Textures near screen border were distorted on some tables
– Scale Dialog default field was checkbox – changed to scaleX-value

New features:
– Added slider for Alpharamps Accuracy. If Alpharamps are causing performance problems (and they will likely do!), try setting this slider to the left. Ramps are displayed with less surfaces then.
– New experimental feature: Ball stretching against table and monitor stretching. Three options: 1st: like before, 2nd: don’t stretch ball, 3rd: don’t stretch ball and take Pixel aspect ratio of monitor into consideration. Choose ( R) Monitors only if you have a rotated Windows desktop.
– Implemented right click ‘Set as Default’. This options sets the current properties of an object as the new defaults for that object type.
– little optimizations

Tables made with 9.1.x may be incompatible with older versions due to the new features, but tables made with 9.0.x can be loaded and played in 9.1.x.

Site officiel de l’éditeur.

Site Officiel

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