Nouvelle version de ce manager de roms dont voici les nouveautés:

– Updated included datafiles
– Fix ‘null value’ error during rom search
– Fix rezip troubles when filename is too long
– Fix roms sometimes not renamed
– Fix Arithmetic overflow when loading database
– Fix sample roms not moved
– Fix ’19xx is not a number’ when sorting by year
– Fix local share and duplicate paths
– Db optimization
– Db engine updated to 2.5.0
– Fix sample detection
– Fix sample renaming
– Fix chd sha-1 sometimes not loaded
– Disable some incoherent rom mode
– Fix exception handler when updating db
– Fix ‘invalid token error’ when checking drives
– Fix Crash when stopping a test operation
– Clean up engine code (this fix some crashes)
– Fix and optimize merge rename/operation
– Fix some ‘nodump’ problems during fixing
– Fix some memory leaks
– Fix ‘filesview foreign key violation’
– Optimize db ‘refresh status’ after ‘test file’ operation
– Fix sample files not renamed in split sample mode

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