Un émulateur de Nintendo GameBoy écrit en C#.

– Fixed compatibility regression with GBC DMA transfers, affects ex. Pokemon Puzzle Challenge
Substantially improved MBC7 emulation via GEST’s source code, Kirby Tilt ‘n’ Tumble is now playable
– Improved LCD Status interrupt generation, fixes faked high-color display in certain Game Boy Color games
– Some improvements in handling of disabled LCD; ex. Zelda: Oracle games no longer freeze when leaving the menu
– Improved timer emulation and improved emulation of HALT opcode, fixes ex. Stunt Race FX Demo
– Added Wii Remote support for input and Rumble, button configuration is fixed; MBC7 tilt sensor is controlled by Wii Remote when enabled
– When using keyboard control, MBC7 tilt controls can be changed via the GUI’s control settings
– Added crude frame blending via OpenGL; blends currently drawn frame with previous frame to better simulate pseudo-transparency
– Added option to keep aspect ratio intact when resizing window; also double-clicking the game screen maximizes/normalizes the window
– Added drag-and-drop capabilities to GUI, ROMs can now be loaded by dropping them into the program window
– Very minor GUI changes

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