Nouvelle version de cet excellent émulateur de NES dont voici les nouveautés:

– Fixed compatibility issue with Young Indiana Jones Chronicals.
– Fixed bug in new PPU that made some intensify bits not get applied to output (fixed flashing siren screen in Werefolf).
– Fix many segmentation faults related to file handling.

– Slight performance increase when loading movies.
– Fixed read-only loadstate error messages and logic.

– Lua socket added to built-in lua library.
– Fixed speed.mode() function so that normal turns off turbo.
– New Lua function: gui.screenshotas()


– Integrated menu window and game window into a single window.
– Fixed issed with xscale and yscale spin buttons.
– Filechooser now remembers the last open file.
– Added hard reset menu item.
– Added GUI game genie support.
– Extended the savestate menu system: adding quicksave, quickload, and saveslot selection.
– Added video option: « OpenGL Linear Filter ».
– New gamepad configuration dialog.
– Added stock icons to menu items.
– Overhauled GUI layout throughout all dialogs.

– Removed GTK_LITE build option from SConstruct.
– Added « no-gui » command line parameter to replace GTK_LITE build option.
– To disable the GUI even when it is compiled in fceuX, append « –nogui 1 » to your startup command.
– Various bug fixes with related to SDL sound output.
– Many other bug fixes and various improvements.

– Fixed some minor GUI issues.
– Added avi capture commandline argument and related parameters.
– Fix input selection for Famicom Expansion port.


– Fixed Ram Search to only display valid RAM addresses (0000-07FF and 6000-7FFF).
– Fixed crash when re-opening debugging window.

Hex Editor:
– Added a confirmation prompt before removing all bookmarks.
* Ram Watch / Ram Search:
– Fixed the multiple selection of watches.
– Added support for Multiple selection of addresses in RamWatch Fixed issue with restoration of the selection range in RamWatch.

– General cleanup.
– Fixed crash when truncating while turbo was enabled.
– Invalidate greenzone when re-recording earlier portions of a movie.

– Added « SaveStateAs » menu item.
– Display movie name at the top of the main window.

Télécharger FCEUX v2.2.3 (2,9 Mo)

Télécharger FCEUX (Win98/2000) v2.1.5 (1,6 Mo)

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