Un émulateur de NES écrit en Java.

– Added Mapper 9 (Punch-Out!!)
– Fixed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (leftover bug from last PPU rewrite)
– Fixed Jurassic Park (same problem as Twin Cobra, changed the code so both worked)
– Increased audio volume
– Added greyscale and color emphasis to PPU
(Noah’s Ark is maybe the only game this is visible in)
– Fixed off-by-one error causing scanline 261 to be run twice
(fixed some timing issues, maybe caused a few more)
– Completely changed the way the PPU renders sprites – broke some games (Guardian Legend and
some Codemasters games that never looked right anyway) but fixed screen shaking and
single scanline glitches in a LOT of games.
– Also, sprite flicker is back from the old days.

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