Version officielle orienté performance plus que précision.
Voici les nouveautés ;

rewrote S-DD1 module to decompress individual bytes at a time
simplified SPC7110 deinterleaving code
OBC1 should not clear RAM on reset [Jonas Quinn]
fixed enum-cast compilation errors with the latest GCC 4.6.x releases
added bsnes logo to about screen
make phoenix=gtk will now build the GTK+ port on Linux
added settings.startFullScreen to the config file for front-end users
added advanced settings option to disable window compositor (only works on Windows and Xfce)
merged settings windows into the panel approach used by bsnes/Qt in the past
fixed a crashing bug on input settings window
fixed GTK+ auto-geometry sizing
added screenshot capture capability
added exit emulator hotkey (defaults to being unmapped)
Xorg keyboard polling now uses cached Display variable [Bisqwit]
cheat code database updated [mightymo]

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