Un émulateur de NES écrit en C#.

– Added option in browser for each folder that allows to show files in sub folders and to let the user choose wether to list sub folders in the list.
– Added ability to use NES DATABASE xml files for rom information, detecting right tv format for game and for mappers emulation.
– Video modes removed, only Direct3D is supported now. No need for them since My Nes renders pixel accurate now.
– Added option to display/hide the first 8 scanline in NTSC format in Direct3D.
– Added state stream for state save/load files.
– General emulation code optimization.
– Added ppu sprites evulation.
– Added support for ppu emphasis and monochrome effects.
– Added ppu internal ntsc palette generator.
– Fixed ppu frame timings.
– Fixed ppu odd frames.
– Fixed nmi timing and supression.
– Fixed four-screen.
– Fixed mapper # 58 and 65.
– Minor bugs fixed.

Télécharger My Nes (Stable) v7.2.6677 (4,3 Mo)

Télécharger My Nes (Instable) v7.0.6516 beta (3,2 Mo)

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