Version officielle de cet émulateur de SuperNES/NES/GameBoy/SuperGameBoy/GameBoy Color orienté performance plus que précision.

– added preliminary Game Boy Color emulation
– NES: added MMC6, VRC1, VRC2, VRC3 emulation
– NES: fixed MMC5 banking and added split-screen support [Cydrak]
– NES: pass all of blargg’s ppu_vbl_nmi tests, pass more sprite tests
– NES: palette is now generated algorithmically [Bisqwit]
– SNES: fixed SA-1 IRQ regression caused by code refactoring
– Game Boy: rewrote audio channel mixing code; sound output is greatly improved as a result
– Game Boy: uses DMG boot ROM instead of SGB boot ROM
– Game Boy: fixed potential bug when loading save states
– phoenix: fixed ListView focus issue [X-Fi6]
– phoenix: fixed dialog message parsing [X-Fi6]
– ui: video output is truly 24-bit now; SNES luma=0 edge case emulated
– ui: audio frequency, latency, resampler are now user configurable
– ui: gamma ramp is dynamically adjustable
– ui: all filters ported to 24-bit mode (speed hit to HQ2x)
– ui: added turbo button mappings for all generic controllers
– ui: fixed audio volume on unmute via menu [Ver Greeneyes]
– ui: shrink window option does nothing when no cartridge is loaded
– ui: re-added compositor disable, driver verification from v082

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