Il s’agit d’un frontend complet pour MESS.

– Better support for sysinfo.dat and messinfo.dat – the dialog to load these files now has the correct filenames as default.
– Removed Source Properties and Vector Properties options from game-context menu (when you right-click on a system name).
– Removed Samples folder from Directories dropdown.
– Removed HLSL tab. You can turn HLSL on from the Advanced tab. (see note* below)
– Fixed the problem where you could not select software from the pick-list.
– Fixed problem where the currently-loaded software wasn’t highlighted in the pick-list.
– Fixed problem where the name of the software in the Device View was corrupted.
– Slight speedup of loading data into the software picker.
– The following are not supported and have been removed or deprecated:
* sourcefile.ini
* horizont.ini
* vertical.ini
* vector.ini
* parent.ini
* grandparent.ini
* Random Background
* Samples
* Broadcast
* Mandatory cartslots

Télécharger MESSUI (x86) v0.197 (27,2 Mo)

Télécharger MESSUI (x64) v0.197 (26,9 Mo)

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