Un émulateur d’Oric 1/Atmos et Telestrat écrit en C et utilisant SDL.

– Use « T » as a shortcut to insert a cassette.
– Support the clipboard on BeOS and OS X.
– Fixed a problem updating OVRAM.
– Setting / deletion breakpoints by double-clicking on addresses in the window register.
– Switching the CPU indicators by double-clicking.
– The loading of multiple images of cassette off over the Turbo.
– Changes made in the monitor are now highlighted.
– There is no longer crash if a file is missing ROM.
– Various updates to incorporate the symbol ROM files.
– Correction of ROR ABS, X.
– The video preview in the monitor now display the current status of video RAM.
– Interactions CPU / VIA are now closer to the cycle-accurate.
– Fixed cycle count for the IRQ.
– Fixed cycle count for addressing modes of page index zero.
– Fixed cycle count in December ABS.
– The entries in the disk sectors starting with 0xFB instead of 0xF8.

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