Il s’agit de la meilleure version non officielle créé à partir des sources de Final Burn. En plus des jeux Cps1 et 2, FBA émule à présent le système utilisé pour les jeux CPS-3, Toaplan et Cave ainsi que la Neo Geo et le PGM et plus encore (certains drivers se basant sur mame). Les auteurs sont: LoopMaster, Jan_Klaassen, KEV, Mike_Haggar & TrebleWinner. Ce Build unicode est optimisé I686/MMX et destiné à Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7.

– Added driver for Super Locomotive [iq_132]
– Added clone of Warriors of Fate to the CPS-1 driver [Barry]
– Added Bygone to the Legend of Kage driver [iq_132]
– Added colour PROMs to Birdiy in Pacman driver [iq_132]
– Fixed spriteram2 mapping and sprite rendering in Birdiy in Pacman driver [Barry]
– Added correct dumps to kovsgqyz and kovsgqyza in the PGM driver [iq_132]
– Added clone of kovsgqyz to the PGM driver [iq_132]
– Fixed character selection screen in kovsgqyz and clones in the PGM driver [iq_132]
– Improved PGM sprite rendering [iq_132]
– Added PGM sprite generator to makefiles [Barry]
– Made V3021 RTC an external device, seperate from the PGM driver [iq_132]
– Removed Street Fighter II’ – champion edition (street fighter 2′ 920803 USA, alt) as it is a bad dump [Barry]
– Fixed some input and dip switch issues in the Bank Panic driver [Barry]
– Added a debug device tracking module and updated all device, sound and CPU modules to support it [Barry]
– Tidied all drivers in the cave, cps-3, megadrive, pgm, psikyo and toaplan folders, and updated to use Burn Memory module, as well as correcting any issues reported by debug tracker [Barry]
– Updated M6502 CPU core interface to allocate memory rather than use an array [iq_132]
– Updated Vez CPU core interface to allocate memory rather than use an array, and added support for auto-acknowledging IRQs [iq_132]
– Fixed crash when taking screenshots of vertical or flipped games using blitters other than the D3D enhanced blitter [Barry]
– Added option to DirectDraw blitter to force flipping as it isn’t usually detected as available, see help file for more information [Barry]
– Fixed issue with string translation in localisation templates [Barry, doomking]
– Fixed issue with exporting localisation templates in GCC builds [Barry, doomking]
– Converted all the outstanding hard-coded strings I could see to translatable strings, let me know if you see any untranslatable strings [Barry]
– Tidied the string resource ids to minimise future impact on translators [Barry]
– Updated help file [Barry]
– Matched all sets to MAME 0.144u3 [Barry]
– Matched the Megadrive sets to MESS 0.144u3 [Barry]
– Updated the libpng library to v1.5.6 [Barry]

Télécharger Final Burn Alpha (x86 NT6) v0.2.97.42 (3,8 Mo)

Télécharger Final Burn Alpha (x64 NT6) v0.2.97.42 (4,5 Mo)

Télécharger Preview Pack (In Game) v0.2.97.42 (87,8 Mo)

Télécharger Preview Pack (Titles) v0.2.97.42 (53,7 Mo)

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