Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur de NES/GB/SNES

– fixed auto joypad polling edge case; fixes Ys 5 controls
– fixed Justifier polling code; Lethal Enforcers should be fully responsive once again
– rewrote SNES S-SMP processor core (~20% code reduction)
– fixed Game Boy 8×16 sprite mode; fixed some sprites in Zelda: Link´s Awakening
– treat Game Boy HuC1 RAM enable flag as writable flag instead; fixes Pokemon Card GB
– created far faster XML parser; bsnes can now load XML files once again
– updated to mightymo´s most recent cheat code database
– internal color calculations now performed at 30-bits per pixel
– gamma slider now acts as fine-tuned gamma ramp option
– Linux OpenGL driver will output at 30bpp on capable displays
– Linux port defaults to GTK+ now instead of Qt (both are still available)

Télécharger Higan (x86) v106 (2,7 Mo)

Télécharger Higan (x64) v106 (1,3 Mo)

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