Un émulateur de Nintendo GameBoy pour Windows.

– Fixed a bug in the emulation of the « POP AF » CPU instruction (was wrongly setting the F register),
– Fixed a bug in the emulation of the « DAA » CPU instruction,
– Fixed a bug in the emulation of RR and RL CPU instructions (the flag Z must be set accordingly to the result),
– Fixed a bug in the emulation of « LD HL,SP+n » and « ADD SP,n » CPU instructions (wrong update of Carry and Half Carry flags),
– Fixed a bug in the command line parameters parser, that could lead to crash of the emulator in case of incorrect parameters passed to zBoy,
– Added a micro tile cache to the backgroung generation engine,
– Added the –nocpuidle option to make zBoy not idling the CPU when having some spare time (this option might give better results on hi-latency systems),
– Added EXPERIMENTAL support for serial link emulation (two player mode over network) – this feature is in early alpha stage, so not rock stable yet (it also requires a very good network connectivity between both peers), successfully tested on Tetris, Tetris 2, Tetris Blast, Kwirk and Dr. Mario,
– Replaced the –skipframes option by –limitfps (allows to limit the FPS emulation rendering in the range 1..60 FPS),
– General code optimizations – the emulation speed has increased about 15x (Super Mario Land passed from 80 to 1200 FPS on my laptop),
– Heavy code cleanup to make zBoy compiling without warnings in -pedantic mode.

Télécharger zBoy (Sans Interface) v0.60 (493,6 Ko)

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