Un émulateur 3DO basé sur FreeDo et écrit en C#.

– Added the ability to adjust the emulated CPU clock speed. This can result in framerates increased beyond the original hardware limits. This is analogous to the setting in the latest (last?) version of FreeDO. Be aware that many games will not handle this well since they were not coded to support it. I’ve found that Star Fighter is an example of a game that handles a clock speed increase well.
– Added the ability to adjust the audio buffer size. I have found that audio buffer size is a bit of a personal preference. The default is 100ms, but people who want more protection from audio glitches can now adjust the audio buffer size higher (at the cost of latency).
– Added a few command-line options for debugging purposes. At the moment, these are mainly for my own purposes, but see the command line usage for specifics.

Télécharger 4DO v1.3.2.4 (1,5 Mo)

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