MESS, sur le même principe que MAME, veut devenir L’EMULATEUR multi consoles/ordinateurs de référence.

New System Drivers Supported:
– Apollo DN3000 15″ Monochrome [Hans Ostermeyer]
– Apollo DN3000 19″ Monochrome [Hans Ostermeyer]
– Apollo DSP3000 Server [Hans Ostermeyer]
– Apollo DN3500 15″ Monochrome [Hans Ostermeyer]
– Apollo DN3500 19″ Monochrome [Hans Ostermeyer]
– Apollo DSP3500 Server [Hans Ostermeyer]
– Apollo DN5500 15″ Monochrome [Hans Ostermeyer]
– Apollo DN5500 19″ Monochrome [Hans Ostermeyer]
– Apollo DSP5500 Server [Hans Ostermeyer]

Systems Promoted from GAME_NOT_WORKING:

Skeleton drivers:
– Sanyo SX-16 [minataku]

System Driver Changes:
-c64: Added support for the following cartridge types: [Curt Coder]
COMAL 80, Dinamic, Fun Play, GeoRAM, Magic Desk, Mikro Assembler, Ocean,
Rex, System 3, Westermann, Zaxxon, Super Games, Epyx Fast Load,
Dela EP7x8, Dela EP256, Dela EP64, Rex EP256, Ross, Structured Basic,
EasyFlash, StarDOS, Warp Speed, ExOS, MACH5, Magic Formel.
– Added support for the Commodore IEEE-488 cartridge. You can now connect any
IEEE-488 disk drive to C64 and even another cartridge using the passthru.
(e.g. mess c64p -exp ieee488 -exp:ieee488:ieee9 sfd1001 -cart2 congo)
– Added support for .CRT cartridge image files. Only standard cartridges
(8/16KB) are supported for the moment, soon all will be assimilated.

-lynx: removed game_not_working and game_imperfect_sound flags [Huygens]
fixed sprite scaling bug (fixed blue lightning).
Implemented mikey sleep register (viking child, dinolympics timing corrected)
Fixed timer value reading bug (used for pseudo random number generation in blockout)
Update of layout screen measures approximately 72x46mm (not 4:3)

-next: Normalize the delegates, split the different NeXT variants [O. Galibert]
– Handle command-~
– Make the floppy work
-n64: Multithreaded RDP. Speedups of 1.6x to 2.8x have been observed. [Ryan Holtz]
– Modified VI_V_INTR_REG and VI_V_CURRENT_LINE_REG actually be treated as half-lines,
not full lines. Fixes Rampage: World Tour video.
– Modified code to interrupt at the line specified by VI_V_INTR_REG, rather than a
fixed 60Hz vblank interrupt.
– Doubled the number of available span structs on the stack, fixes crashing in
Mario Kart 64, Star Fox 64, and probably others.
– Partially fix PIF access, several more games recognize cart SRAM, cart FlashROM,
cart EEPROM, and controller paks
– Fixed missing text in Super Mario 64 and other games.
– Added skeleton 64DD driver. Boots the 64DD IPL, but does not emulate the hardware yet.
– User Note: You will need an unmodified 64DD IPL dump. NOT one that has had the
first 4K replaced with a CIC-6102 or other game’s boot block.
– Tweaked MI interrupt handling to guard against interrupts getting « lost »
– Hook up 64DD RTC and interrupts. Please insert disc.
– Warm reset support.
– Get Jet Force Gemini to boot and Ocarina of Time to boot without crashing.
– Use bitmap.fill instead of a manual fill when blanking to avoid trashing memory.
– Return DP start/end/current/status/clock registers at correct window for RSP to see.
– Clear DP clock when requested by writing the right bit in DP_STATUS_REG.
– Avoid modifying SP DMA length register during DMA, to return correct reads
– Fix Super Smash Bros. booting.
– Don’t try to call render_triangle_custom if a DrawTriangle command generated no spans.
– Include the delay slot when checksumming single-instruction blocks in the MIPS3 and RSP DRCs.
Fixes Sim City 2000 (Japan).
– Various PIF fixes, gets Command & Conquer to boot and games to recognize and save to controller paks.
– Added a trivial Y reject to N64 triangle draw commands. Fixes crashes in both Castlevania games,
Virtual Pool, and maybe others.
-ti99: The Grand TI-99 Family Rewrite, using class structures and modern address maps [Michael Zapf]
-wswan: converted rotation to core method used by lynx [Huygens]
controls are rotated with the console for vertical games
buffered sprite table data (fixes pbobble etc.)
corrected voice audio mode (voice volume is unsigned not signed)
-vic20: Cleaned up cartridge interface, and added preliminary .CRT image support. [Curt Coder]
-next: Add information and correct some about the various next roms [Lord Nightmare]
-a7800: Added reasonable return values for the TIA collision registers [Dan Boris]
-hec2hp: Fixed regressions [JJ Stacino]

Software Lists:
-mbc55x.xml: added software list for the Sanyo MBC-550 and MBC-555 systems [Kaylee]

Source Changes:
– ISA Gravis Ultrasound device [Barry Rodewald]
– Work on et4000 16bbp and 24bbp video modes [Carl]
– Made generic serial port and RS232 port as slot devices, implemented pc mouse as example device [Carl]
– 68040 CPU: FSAVE fix, Add correct idle frames, Show the correct virtual map [O. Galibert]
– Added basic wrapper for Diamond Multimedia (Cirrus Logic based) ISA SVGA [Kaylee]
– Added null_modem and serial_terminal as slot devices [Carl]
– i386: Fix cmpsb (dir /s and edit works now) [Carl]

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