Un émulateur de NES écrit en Java.

-Fixed some undocumented opcodes to allow homebrew game Driar to run
-Fixed bug with special characters in ROM filenames causing a crash
-Added gamma correction to NTSC filter and changed filter parameters yet again
(still not sure what looks best, and there are a few artifacts here that don’t
show up on the real thing unless you’re using a cheap capture card.
If you want to experiment, the brightness, contrast, and gamma correction is at
the top of the NTSCFilter file in the code.
Please use it with smoothing on or it’ll look bad no matter what.
-now change the aspect ratio when ntsc filter is used.
-Added mapper 85 (VRC7) (Lagrange Point and Japanese Tiny Toons 2)
-Partially implemented VRC7 sound (envelopes and vibrato are still missing)
-Small speed improvements (except in the ntsc filter, that’s just as slow).

Télécharger HalfNES v0.60 (3,4 Mo)

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