Nouvelle update.

System Driver Changes:
– trs80m2: Fixed keyboard clock. [brouhaha]
– next: timer fix, add the softints [O. Galibert]
– next: Better handling of the supdate flag [O. Galibert]
– n64: Restore previous AI DMA speed, theory was wrong and lag was caused due code cruft in a local file. [Ryan Holtz]
– odyssey2: [Dan Boris]
— Changed color of background grid color 0 to match sprite color 0 (Fixes KTAA title screen)
— Fixed Odyssey2_video_w so that m_o2_vdc.reg[] is always updated (Fixes Blockout)
— Changed quad character generation so character height is always taken from 4th character (KTAA level 2)
– cp1: Alternate rom for cp1 [Kaylee]
– z88: Added cartridge slot interface. [Sandro Ronco]
– ibmpcjr: fixed boot error [Carl]
– apollo: various cleanups [Hans Ostermeyer, R. Belmont]
– megacd: two new revision of the megacdj bios [El Barto]

Software Lists:
– trs80m2: Added some floppies. [Damien Cymbal]
– ibm5150: added a softlist for PC Booter disk [k1w1]
– pico.xml: added new dumps [Team Europe]
– a800.xml: added new dumps and verified more carts [k1w1]
– ibm5150.xml: added new dumps [k1w1, Kaylee]

Source Changes:
– Support for the 16550 fifo and hook up for the avigo to the serial port (to test the 16550). [Carl]
– nextkbd: Fix key up/down [O. Galibert]
– nscsi_hd: Write and mode sense support [O. Galibert]
– ncr5390: Fix dma/fifo interaction [O. Galibert]
– nscsi_hd: Misc fixes [O. Galibert]
– Preliminary ide cd support, based on work of R.Belmont and Grull Osgo, still need some work [Miodrag Milanovic]
– i82371sb implementation and fixes for i82439tx [Grull Osgo]
– i386,x87: Multiple fixes. [Carl]
– pic8259,fmtowns: PIC/timers fix [Carl]
– m68k: allow FPU instructions on ‘020 (it’s possible to have an external 68881/882) and fix missing break; in the FPU [Hans Ostermeyer]

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