Voici le pack d’icônes complet créé par MAMu. Il correspond à la version 0.145u4 de MAME.

Certainement le plus complet des packs d’icônes.

-Unzip into your MAME icons directory after deleting everything in it.
-Included: . All MAME icons (working or not) to 0.145u4
. MAME Plus icons
. Zinc icons
. PinMAME icons (most are manufacturer based icons)
. Generic HazeMD icons (gg_games.ico, s_games.ico, g_games.ico)
. A few MESS icons (all will be done soon)
. !.bat is a tool I created, it can copy various system or not working icons,
but can also remove the MAME32 UI default icons, run it from cmd prompt.
usually just type « ! rem » in a cmd session in your icons dir.

Télécharger MAMU Icons Pack v0.145u4 (23,1 Mo)

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