MAMEUIFX est basé sur le code source de MAME/MAMEUI, emprunte des améliorations à de nombreux builds non officiels (en vrac : StretchMAME, JMAME, RND, AdvanceMAME, CANAME, WHACK…).

Updated to MAME 0.146 – MAMEUI 0.146

– Added full support for DODONPACHI ARRANGE and KETSUI ARRANGE.
– Fixed MAME Testers bug ID 04057. (mslider, stmblade: Graphic corruption) [hack]
– Fixed MAME Testers bug ID 04398. (asteroid: Tearing problems since 0.109) [hack]
– Fixed MAME Testers bug ID 04825. (vendetta: In MAME music tempo is slower) [hack]
– Redesigned some icons in the Treeview left panel of the GUI.
– Reduced significantly the GUI startup lag due to the removal of some useless code.
– Released a new version of M1FX with some nice improvements. (As requested in the Forum)
– Some bug-fixes and clean-ups here and there.

NOTE: Due to relevant changes in the code, it’s strongly recommended you delete your MAMEUIFX32.INI
file before start the emulator. Please note that the default settings should satisfy the majority of the users,
though you are allowed to do to the interface all the customizations you wish.

Télécharger MAMEUIFX32 v0.175.1 (17,7 Mo)

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