Un autre émulateur BBC dont le développement est toujours d’actualité…

– MOS 3.50 emulation
– Fixed CRTC bug when programmed with stupid values (MOS 3.50 startup)
– ADFS disc corruption bug fixed (Carlo Concari)
– Fixed ACIA bug – Pro Boxing Simulator tape version now works
– Fixed bug which created endless blank hard disc images
– Printer port DAC emulation
– AMX mouse emulation
– Master 512 mouse now works properly
– Master Compact joystick emulation
– IDE emulation available in non-Master models
– UI fixes (some from Carlo Concari)
– Improvements to VIA emulation
– PAL video filter
– Bugfixes in ARM and 65816 coprocessors
– Debugger fixes
– Tidying up of code
– Windows version can now build on MSVC as well as GCC

Télécharger B-EM (Win) v2.2 (5,6 Mo)

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