Un superbe plugin, offre beaucoup de fonctions tel que le support de 4 joueurs, le Mem-Pack, le kit vibration et beaucoup plus encore…

What is it?
This plugin is for use with an N64 emulator that supports input plugins
through Zilmar’s input spec.
Some emulators that support it are: Project64, Apollo, 1964, TR64

Main Features
Up to four N64 controllers supported
Handles as many game controllers as you can plug in (you may have to tweak
the compile options for huge numbers), plus 1 keyboard and 1 mouse.
Full support of any controls you can see through DirectInput
Emulation of MemPaks, Rumble Paks (via DirectInput Force Feedback),
and Transfer Paks (except GB Tower in Pokemon Stadium games)
Complete Adaptoid support
Up to 256 Configurable « modifiers », in 3 different flavors
System-independent controller profiles
As released, this plugin is compatible with Zilmar’s Input Plugin Specs

Télécharger N-Rage Input Plugin v2.3d (172,5 Ko)

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