Un émulateur de Fujitsu FM7 qui veut mixer à la perfection l’interface de XM7′ et XM7LP tout en ajoutant énormément d’améliorations et de nouveautés.

– Change OSDs from AG_Pixmap to XM7_SDLView, issue of Win32.(NEW!)
– Change file-io to SDL , issue of Win32.(NEW!)
– I18Ned menu using GNU Gettext.(NEW!)
– Bundle F-Font by モ〜リン for Original debuggeer.
– Fix « 10 20 » undefined opcode (as LBRA) was not recognaized(No other bugs on MPU? ^^;)
– Re-implement LEDS,FDDS,.. as Agar-Wieget.
– More faster video and sound, using Vector extension of GCC(NEW!). But not yet using CPU-specified functions.
– Build with gcc-4.4 (if 4.5 or later, or , 4.3 or earlier , maybe produce bugs on vector extensions; Fixed on resentry gites(NEW!)
– Multi-threaded drawing with Open MP(NEW!)
– Implement no-GL drawing, set -d sdlfb with commandline.(NEW!)
– But, on W=320, segfault (Fixed on recently git).(NEW!)
– More, more, Bug Fixed(NEW!)
– All C/C++ (not assembler). (no source=lamerz=emucr.com)
– Re-implement wav captureing , from scratch.
– Using Agar ToolKit ( http://www.libagar.org/), replace from GTK
– Set font-face from command-line.
– Fix keyboard assign customized.
– Fix TFR/EXG ops on MPU.
– Fix flags[8|16] ops on MPU.(really?)
– Support differential drawing, reduce CPU usage.(Maybe)
– Fix musics using BEEP (maybe?)
– SDL_mixer depended audio.
– Using SDL_ttfAGAR on OSD
– Change IDE to CODE::Blocks.(Eclipse was not useful )
– Change M6809 core based on SDLMESS 0.136.
– Place on ~/.xm7 , setting files, R@Ms…
– Classfied drawings, sounds (mostry from scratch).
– Selectable drawing fps from 1 to 75.
– Moduleo drawing(NEW!)
– Open GL rendrer.
– Add virtual keyboard.
– DOS Bootmode
– Threades draw.

Télécharger XM7 for SDL v0.3.2 pre2 (5,9 Mo)

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