Une version NON béta ! Fait rare pour être signalé 🙂
Tout simplement le meilleur émulateur d’Amiga. Un must à télécharger.

– Only reserve max total physical memory / 2 of ram under 32 bit Windows versions.
– lzh/lha MSDOS-style timestamps supported

2.5.0 bugs fixed:
– 1G RTG RAM size was rejected.
– Windows mouse cursor becoming visible in windowed modes.
– 2.4.x and older versions allowed higher Z3/RTG total memory under 32-bit Windows.
– Maprom feature crashed in JIT mode.
– CDTV emulation didn’t work.
– Power led state was incorrect.

Other bugs fixed:
– Inserting or ejecting USB game controller or mouse deleted all custom Game Ports panel configurations.
– Fixed DirectDraw fullscreen mode problems if using secondary monitor positioned on left side of primary monitor.
– SCSI emulation read commands returned wrong data if CD/CD image had more than one track.
– Fixed mouse cursor jumping to opposite direction if it was moved to same direction long enough.
– File comments and protection flags wasn’t read correctly from _UAEFSDB.___ files. (if non-NTFS drive)
– Windowed mode status bar had gap on Windows Vista classic theme.
– Epson matrix printer emulation red and blue colors were swapped.
– lzh/lha archive MSDOS-style timestamps supported.

New features:
– Directory filesystem full Amiga 1/50s datestamp resolution support, previously resolution was only 1s. (NTFS and archives only)
– Mount drag’n’dropped archive file as a directory harddrive only if removable drive support is enabled, without harddrive
support attempt to mount as a disk image in DF0:.

Télécharger WinUAE (x86) v3.6.1 (6,0 Mo)

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