Applewin est un émulateur Apple IIe pour Windows développé par Tom Charlesworth et basé sur la version originale 1.10.4 d’Oliver Schmidt.

– [Feature #005557] Support DOSMaster image created by Apple Oasis.
– [Feature #003272 and #005335] Support 2x windowed mode:
+ Toggle between 1x and 2x by using Resize button (or F6).
– Full screen now enabled by CTRL+Resize button (or CTRL+F6).

– [Feature #004346] Don’t show mousetext for original Apple //e.
– Fixed HDD firmware to allow epyx_californiagames_iicplus.2mg to boot.
– HDD firmware: Added support for SmartPort entrypoint.
+ « Prince of Persia (Original 3.5 floppy for IIc+).2mg » now boots
– [Bug #018455] Improved rendering speed of debugger view.

Télécharger AppleWin v1.27.2 (1,1 Mo)

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