Il s’agit d’un portage en Java de Dosbox, permettant à de multiples systèmes d’émuler le Dos et les pc type x86 des années 90.

Current Status:
Most DOS games work fine
Windows 3.1 works well
Windows 95/98 still crashes in a few places
Sound Blaster works, but sometimes the FM Synth notes are off a bit

Changes :
* Added new hardware: IDE, Floppy and PS/2 Mouse
* Now boots other OS’s and from CD/DVD via one of the following boot commands
boot -bochs HD
boot -bochs CD
boot -bochs FD
* Windows NT 4.0, React OS 0.3.14 and DSL 4 have been tested and work well
* Windows XP will boot in Safe Mode
* Many speed improvements
* The FPU type can be set in the configuration file: [cpu] softfpu=true/false. The default
is false and will use Java’s float types for the x86 FPU
* Right-Alt + Enter key will toggle full screen mode, works in applets as well
* Add p6 CPU type in the configuration file. This will enable some newer Linux distro to boot.

Télécharger jDosbox v0.74.28 (4,4 Mo)

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