Il s’agit d’une branche de l’émulateur de Microsoft X-Box CXBX, apportant certains modifications et améliorations diverses.


Main Features:

  • 64-bit support!
  • Able to boot and get ingame in Turok Evolution, and Futurama.
  • May work with other titles, I have not yet tested much outside of these.


Differences from mainline Cxbx:

  • Corrected generation of SizeOfImage field in converted executables (Fixes 0xC000007b on Windows 64-bit)
  • Partial emulation of the FS register without using the LDT (Allows Xbox games to execute on Windows 64-bit)


Télécharger CXBX Reloaded (2013/05/06) (555.2 Ko)

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