Mise à jour d’Emucenter 2, un très bon Frontend universel.


Changements par rapport à la version 5.0 :

– ADDED: Additional function for automatic search covers on the Web
(looking on emucenter.2.free.fr then mobygames.com)
– ADDED: Searching covers on the Web automatically in the background for ALL games in a section
– ADDED: Panel ‘Game profile’ for easy editing game profiles
– ADDED: Button in Quick Access toolbar: ‘Show / Hide Profile panel of the game’
– ADDED: Option ‘Always Show Profile panel of the game’
– ADDED: emulator Nestopia 1.40 (Nintendo NES) (with pallet FCEUX)
(Jnes is the default emulator)
– ADDED: Keyboard shortcut F2 to rename a game
– ADDED: Additional covers about 1000 (NES, SNES, SMS, SMD) on emucenter.2.free.fr
(Much of the covers have undergone treatment for optimum quality)
(Re-treatment of some existing covers)
(Total: more than 3000)
– FIX: Launching games with PPSSPP in fullscreen mode
– FIX: Some unreadable characters in descriptions (FR) downloaded
– FIX: temporarily wrong date display when downloading a description (display mode 2)
– UPDATE: emulator DeSmuME 0.9.9 (x86/x64)
– UPDATE: Project64 emulator (x86)
– UPDATE: emulator JPCSP 0.6 SVN 3129 (x86)
– UPDATE: emulator Ootake 2.69 (x86)
– CHANGE: Do not charge the full list of games after deleting / renaming a game
– CHANGE: Search description automatically after renaming game
– CHANGE: Increases the chances of getting descriptions and jackets on the Web (ENG)
– CHANGE: Disable TRACE constant and authorization code UNSAFE
(Significantly optimizes the loading of the game list)
– CHANGE: Various


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