Le projet Teo, conçu à l’origine par Gilles Fétis, a été le premier émulateur TO8 pour PC. Initialement développé sous MSDOS, il a ensuite été porté sous Linux et Windows 32-bit.





– emulation of THMFC1 disk controller
– manage direct access, HFE, SAP, and raw (FD) disk formats
– creation of CC90hFE (with CC90 version 2.0) to create true images of
double density Thomson floppies
– selection of sides for multi-sides disks
– direct access in write mode by default (work with copies if writing is
– emulation of PR90-582 and PR90-042 printers
– hard reset if error when loading memo at init
– change directories « memo7 », « k7 » and « disks » into « memo », « cass » and
« disk »
– disks with private protection
– under Windows
– improvement of interlace mode (thanks to Samuel)
– under Linux :
– upgrade to GTK+3.0
– reducing of CPU usage

Bugs fixes :
– restore continuous sound generation (« useful » generation failed)
– cartridge name now erased at combo reset (otherwise it comes back at
next running)
– correction of freezing risk for SYNC, CWAI and HCF
– Limiting the value passed to SetDeviceRegister to 8 bits (to avoid
freezing the emulator at a 6809 program bug)
– No inopportune reaction of keyboard when $E7C3 (PRC) set (thanks to


Télécharger TEO (Win) v1.8.2 (1.7 Mo)

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