LE meilleur émulateur d’Amiga. Un must à télécharger.


New features:

– Full 68030, 68040 and 68060 MMU emulation. Amix, Linux, NetBSD, Enforcer,
  WHDLoad MMU option and more fully working.
– Game Ports panel Remap GUI rewritten, more intuitive, supports manually
  added events.
– SCSI and ATAPI (IDE) CD drive emulation.
– Built-in full CHD CD and HD image support. HD image support is read-only.
– Partial partition hardfile on the fly eject/replacement support, requires
  filesystem that has removable drive support.
– Multiple Direct3D shader filters can be enabled simultaneously, optionally
  shader can be now run after scaling and filtering.
– Directory filesystem shortcut (.lnk) and symbolic links are mapped to
  Amiga soft links.
– Added support for mountlist-like hardfile configuration files.
– 100Hz+ vsync mode black frame insertion support, reduces LCD motion blur.



– A590/A2091/A3000 SCSI emulation compatibility improved. (Amix, NetBSD etc..)
– A2065 network adapter compatibility improved. (Early NetBSD versions)
– Multithreaded IDE and SCSI emulation, slow read or write operations won’t
  temporarily pause the emulation anymore.
– When CPU double faults, emulated CPU is halted instead of forcing instant
  emulated hardware reset.
– Custom chipset emulation improved.
– Full Amiga file timestamp resolution (1/50s) support on FAT directory
– Max supported resolution increased to 8192*8192 (NV Surround/AMD Eyefinity)
– CD32 CD detection works again in JIT mode.
– AROS ROM replacement updated.


Bug fixes:

– If display mode switched from RTG to native (or vice versa) and WinUAE window
  had no focus: emulation incorrectly started receiving keyboard input.
– 1.5M chip ram option didn’t work.
– GamePorts panel Swap Ports button cleared custom mappings.
– 68060 CPU and More compatible checked was unreliable.
– 68040/68060 no FPU/FPU disabled exception stack frame fixed.
– A2024 and Graffiti emulation memory leak fixed.
– FPU rounding mode was reset when using filters.
– Some USB game controllers had ghost events (move axis, button event is
  triggered or vice versa)
– CD32 CDs with multiple tracks didn’t boot.


Télécharger WinUAE (x86) v2.6.0 (4.1 Mo)

Télécharger WinUAE (x64) v3.6.1 (6,7 Mo)

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