Mise à jour du Frontend Emucenter2, les changements sont les suivants :

– CHANGE (Important): Change completely the method for the updates.
A page was designed specifically for this purpose.
It is now possible for the user to:
– Select emulators or not to update
– Select whether the update EmuCenter2
– See notes about the new update of EmuCenter2
– Save / restore or not your emulators configuration files
– See the list of configuration files that were saved / restored
– CHANGE (Important): The method of backup / restore your emulators configuration files (During an update) is now managed by EmuCenter2 instead of NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install Script)
(All emulators are concerned)
(Note: This does not affect savegames of emulators, which will never be overwritten by an update)
– ADD (experimental): EmuCenter2 automatically configures the connected gamepad if the controller is not registered in the configuration files of emulators
(Lets play with a gamepad without setting the emulator by user)
(Currently not compatible with NEC and NES sections)
– ADD (experimental): Option: Configure gamepad for most emulators via one window (EmuCenter2)
(Method: modify emulators configuration file / registry )(Currently not compatible with NEC and NES style)
– ADD: Some checks during read / write files
(Avoids some crash EmuCenter2)
– FIX: EmuCenter2 can end incorrectly when displaying the panel profile if games list = 0
– FIX: EmuCenter2 can end incorrectly when closing an emulator if multiple emulators were launched simultaneously
– FIX: Since Version 5.3, wrong image scrolling of platforms in the game list
– FIX: Since Version 5.3, impossible to navigate between sections with arrows or gamepad
– FIX: Various
– CHANGE: interval between the change of image sections
– DELETED: Option ‘Enable Image platform in the background’


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