Un émulateur de NeoGeoCD basé en partie sur neocdpsp de Yoyofr. Il inclut également un pack de shaders au format glsl compatible avec celui disponible pour Higan.

Neoraine :
 - support for iso.gz files : it allows to easily convert downloaded
 content. After downloading, cd to the new directory and :
 gzip -9 *.iso
 for n in *.wav; do
   oggenc $n && rm -f $n
 And you can then point neoraine directly to the cue file without even
 editing it. The surprising part is that an iso.gz is as small or smaller
 than the contents of the iso transfered to a zip file, so it's the best
 solution. I am sure there are equivalent ways in windows to do that
 without typing anything and with a lot of clicks ! 😉

Common fixes :
 - new sound sync method : just rely entierly on sdl, which makes more
 sense, there was still some old code in there which should have
 disappeared a long time ago. It should fix some reports about sound
 breaking after very long sessions in neoraine.
 - fix a stupid bug with gamepads (bad detection).
 - video info display bigger
 - progress dialog was invisible when loading a game from the command line
 and using the opengl rendering.
 - No default bpp forced for opengl anymore : I noticed that on systems
 which don't have accelerated opengl, it's best to use the desktop bpp to
 render in oepngl, so that's what I do now. As a side effect the long black
 screens which could be seen when entering or leaving fullscreen are almost
 gone with this change now.
 - opengl : force vbl sync when double buffer is enabled : horizontal
 scrolling was not perfect without the vbl, even when using double buffer,
 it could be seen in batrider and/or spacedx for example.


Télécharger NeoRaine v1.4.2 (2.2 Mo)

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