Raine est un émulateur Arcade. Conçu à l’origine pour émuler « Rainbow Islands », il supporte maintenant un paquet de jeux basés sur du hardware « Taito », « Jaleco » et bien d’autres encore. Il émule également la NeoGeo CD depuis que le projet NeoRaine a été intégré dans Raine.

Beaucoup moins gourmand que Mame, Raine s’avère une excellente alternative. Il inclut également un pack de shaders au format glsl compatible avec celui disponible pour Higan.


FIX 0.62.1

A new binary to fix the -romcheck command line option, that’s all there is in it.
I took the opportunity to switch to 7z, so the size of the archive is back to 2.3 Mb !
(I guess everyone knows it requires 7zip now, right ?)
Also the amd64 debian package disappears because the i386 one can finally be installed on an amd64 system too, so only 1 debian package to maintain now, and it switches to .xz compression too.


This is it, finally neoraine has been merged with raine. So the binary is bigger, and I could switch to 7zip very soon if I keep on releasing binaries !
The other big news is finally the addition of a neogeo driver, by « popular demand », but it’s interesting and it has already allowed me to improve neocd emulation. About 80 new neogeo games so far, I decided to release now because there are a lot of fixes too inside, and the weather is getting warmer so I’ll probably spend less time updating raine…
You can select the neogeo bios to use from the « neocd/neogeo options », it’s adviced to at least try once the « universe bios ». It will allow you to select a bios only if it’s present in your neogeo.zip file.
The neogeo emulation is totally based on the neocd code, so it’s quite different from the usual stuff…

Except that a ton of fixes (at least it felt like a ton of fixes !), mainly around the console and neocd, but to list a few others :
– all qsound cps1 games were not correctly converted in 0.61 and were unplayable, this is fixed.
– cookbib3 was missing sound.
– dinorex colors were bad, and have been bad for a very long time !
– fix the warning when trying to load opwolfb

A few things improved in the neocd emulation :
The rasters, the speed and the synchronization of the « auto animations » (especially needed for blazstar in neogeo, but it applies to all neocd games too), pulstar does not reset at the end of stage 1 anymore and gets working neocd cheats, and there are also some other neogeo cheats for the neogeo version.

The debian package should now be compatible with ubuntu 13.04 (still made in debian testing though !), amd64 version uploaded, i386 version later.
For info, this neogeo driver was not so easy to do, for example the z80 was unable to handle the 16 bits ports of neogeo and needed an update, so it was more work than what I thought, but the result is not bad… !

That’s all for now…


Télécharger Raine (Win) v0.62 (3.4 Mo)

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