Very nice updates today. There’s another Nintendo game being updated to the
most recent « Standard 4 »: Lifeboat from the popular Multi Screen series.

The simulator has been completely re-programmed and is now even more
accurate in timing, graphics, sound. And the graphics is better and larger
than before (see attachment)

I’m also releasing an updated version of the previously released game: Mario
Bros. with brighter LCD display, sound samples at higher quality, and a few
minor enhancements and fixes. New files:

– Lifeboat (Nintendo, Multi Screen) S4/1.05 (Standard 4, complete rewrite)
– Mario Bros. (Nintendo, Multi Screen) S4/1.03 (Standard 4, enhancements and

Get the two new files and the popular « MADrigal CD Collection » ver. 57.9
from the download page. Enjoy!



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