Un émulateur de PC x86 dont voici les modifications depuis la dernière version:


– The complete 8086 and 80186 instruction set is now implemented, and the trap flag now works.
– The CPU core is a pure interpreting engine, but is still fast enough to achieve 50-60 million instructions per second and beyond on modern CPU hardware. 60 million delivers performance on par with a high-end 486 or low-end Pentium! This is easily double Fake86’s previous performance capabilities. Even an old 400 MHz PowerPC G3 iMac running Linux is capable of more than 2 million instructions/sec.
– Video rendering is 200% to 400% faster, and is much more flexible with custom fixed resolutions, and optional smoothing using a custom algorithm I designed specifically to try making text modes look as good as possible when upscaled. (Disabled by default, use -smooth command line option to enable.)
– Creative Labs Sound Blaster is now emulated, along with Adlib FM card and Disney Sound Source emulation.
– The previously poor PC speaker emulation has been completely fixed.
– The audio buffering system has been rewritten, and the frequent jittery artifacts are now gone.
– Standard Microsoft-compatible serial mouse is now emulated on COM1.
– Intel 8259 interrupt controller is emulated.
– Intel 8253 programmable interval timer is emulated.
– Intel 8237 DMA controller is emulated enough to fully support Sound Blaster functionality.
– The CPU port I/O emulation mechanism has been made fully modular with callback function registration, so that the emulated hardware configuration can be very easily changed for a customized compile.


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