Conçu pour gérer les roms MAME, ClearMAMEPro supporte également tous les dats au format CM, mais aussi XML, permettant de gérer efficacement vos collections de roms & isos. Le manager le plus complet.


Les nouveautés sont nombreuses :

– added: profiler column timestamp when dat was added
– misc: removed some visual effects (useful if you’re using dark themes)
– misc: updated to latest ziparchive library
– misc: rebuilder log shows more info for ‘Exists’ and ‘Skipped’
– fixed: runtime error with 0 sized packed files and header support
– fixed: software lists of a previous loaded datfile stay when no xml datfile is loaded afterwards
– fixed: batchrun uses previous scan data sometimes incorrectly
– fixed: rebuilder destprestring function does not pick clone or bios set when file belongs to them only (issues with e.g. %a)
– fixed: 7z/rar removal of unneeded files in archive subfolders does not work
– fixed: chds and samples with extensions loose extensions
– fixed: xml file header parser can (by mistake) detect a mess -listxml output as a mess software list output
– fixed: xml parser crash when xml file is wrongly detected as mess software list ouput (above)


Télécharger ClrMAME Pro (x86) v4.011 (2.2 Mo)

Télécharger ClrMAME Pro (x64) v4.034 (5,9 Mo)

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