Un très bon émulateur de TI-99/4A tournant sous Windows. Il fut connu sous le nom d’AMI99, mais renommé, beaucoup de personnes pensaient qu’il s’agissait d’un émulateur Commodore Amiga.


– First pass, sort of working read-only TI Disk Controller support (hacker only)
– Don’t warn if 128k mode is active on startup
– save and restore 128k hack checkbox
– save screen size if not a multiple of resolution
– remove the hacky cartridge remap code that never worked
– add option to corrupt DSK ram to help find conflicts
– Ensure FIAD only writes well formed status bits into the header
– Create file by sectors will pad the file out to the correct size (not proven)
– Lots more DSRLNK debug & warnings – checks PAB and scratchpad addresses for basic information
– Fail opcode LOAD if file is larger than buffer – real disk does this
– Warn on DSR conflicts (turning on a card while another card is already on)


Télécharger Classic99 v3.69 (18.1 Mo)

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