Un très bon émulateur de Commodore Amiga, alternative du célèbre WinUAE.


New features:

  • new display configuration options for setting scale factor (1x and 2x, retaining a proper aspect ratio), and scaling strategy (solid/scanline); inclusion of higher screen resolutions to allow use of 2x windowed modes
  • support for 2x mode in Amiga Forever
  • support for model presets to quickly get started setting up model specific configurations (a number of presets is already included)
  • automatic interlace compensation (WinFellow will automatically detect interlaced graphics and perform interlace compensation; this can be disabled in various options, but is on by default for new configurations)
  • lower system requirements (an SSE capable processor is no longer required)
  • Windows 8.1 added to the supported operating systems


Bug fixes:

  • re-initialize the emulation session when a change of display adapter properties (color depth, different graphics adapter) is detected
  • cancelling the configuration dialog no longer performs changes to the configuration
  • support for sprites in hires dual playfield mode was fixed, making previously invisible objects visible on the screen
  • sprite DMA was being disabled instead of waiting, causing invisible sprites
  • PC -2 saved on the stack for address exception
  • proper « short frame » when display is interlaced and frame is short
  • fix copper list load
  • failure to find valid screen mode for screens with unusual refresh rates (Microsoft VirtualPC, …)
  • fixes for several crashes to desktop caused by NULL pointer exceptions
  • cancelling an undo dialog in Amiga Forever will no longer close the emulation session
  • reset of Amiga Forever emulation session no longer causes input devices to no longer function
  • fixed problem with Amiga Forever clipping calculations for left offsets <16 (would lead to only half the screen being visible) or one of the offset values = 0 (would ignore the offsets completely)


Télécharger WinFellow v0.5.2 r966 Alpha (2.1 Mo)

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