Un émulateur de NES nécessitant Windows Vista ou 7 car il demande de posséder DirectX 10 ou supérieur.


– Controller reading fixes for Paperboy and other Mindscape games
– Added support for the following mappers:
. 64 (RAMBO-1) – Klax, Skull & Crossbones, Rolling Thunder
. MC-ACC – The Incredible Crash Test Dummies
– Option to stretch game to fit widescreen display (app.stretch_to_fit in nemulator.ini)
– Option to suspend computer from quit menu (show_suspend in nemulator.ini)
– Unofficial opcode support – fixes Streemerz (and other games using the MUSE sound engine) and Double Action Blaster Guys
– New, higher quality, audio resampler
– More accurate color palette
Note: requires updated libraries from Microsoft


Télécharger Nemulator v3.2 (104.6 Ko)

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