Un très bon émulateur de Sega Saturn créé par Guillaume Duhamel, Theo Berkau et
Fabien Coulon et aidé par de multiples contributeurs. Il s’agit de la version 64 bits.


  – Removed Carbon, PSP, Wii and Windows ports
  – Removed autotools based build
  – Removed autopackage
  – mdf/mds images support (CyberWarriorX)
  – Safeguard to reject unsupported cue files (CyberWarriorX)
  – CD+G support (CyberWarriorX)
  – Improved « manual mode » (Guillaume)
  – Made it possible to build Yabause to ouput 16BPP (Guillaume)
  – Hat support in SDL joystick code (anonymous)
  – gdb stub (Guillaume)
  – Improved emulated bios (CyberWarriorX)
  – Fixed most of the distorted cd audio issues with the scsp core (CyberWarriorX)
  – Improvements to the software renderer (transparency, frameskip,  (Guillaume)
 qt port:
  – Memory editor and search (CyberWarriorX)
  – Improvements to the SH2 debugger: Back trace support, step over, step out (CyberWarriorX)
  – Infinite loop tracking (CyberWarriorX)
  – Don’t restart emulation after every settings change (AmonX)
  – Made Yabause compilable with Qt5 and SDL2 (CyberWarriorX)
  – Log window can now be hidden (Guillaume)
  – Save and restore window position (Guillaume)
  – Can use .ini files in the application dir (Guillaume)
  – Mouse and 3D control pad support (CyberWarriorX)
  – Made drives and languages settings more user friendly (CyberWarriorX)
  – Changing to fullscreen now updates resolution too (CyberWarriorX)
  – Shortcuts editing (CyberWarriorX)


Télécharger Yabause (x64) v0.9.13 (7.6 Mo)

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