Cet émulateur n’avait pas été mis a jour depuis d’1 an, son développement a reprit depuis la fin de l’année 2002. Beaucoup d’améliorations dont le support des K7 (qui est plutot buggé a l’heure actuel). CaPriCe32 est tout simplement un excellent émulateur Amstrad CPC (464, 664 & 6128), plus rapide et stable dans cette dernière version. A télécharger absolument. Voici les nouveautés de cette v3.52 :

– Drag and drop support: you can now drop disks, snapshots and tapes onto the Caprice32 window and have them processed in the appropriate manner. In case of ZIPs that contain more than one file, a dialog will let you choose which one to load. If the regular file selector takes forever to process your folders with thousands of files, use this method to speed things up.
– Several fixes and updates to the FDC code allow more demos and games to load. For example: Unique Demo, Divine Demo, The Famous Five, Psyborg, Masque, and La Marque Jaune.
– The CDT support has been fixed and now all tapes seem to load correctly.
– Caprice32 now also accepts tapes in the form of raw audio VOC files.
– Added support for 24 bit display modes. It is however highly recommended to use any of the other supported colour depths as they are more efficient in writing to the video buffer.
– The CPC Speed slider on the General page of the Options dialog has received a finer granularity of 25% steps. The range goes now from 50% to 800% of original CPC speed.
– The checks done on inserted expansion ROMs has been relaxed a bit to also allow ROMs that deviate from the standard format.
– All pop-up windows and queries display topmost now. This corrects a situation in which some dialogs could be displayed behind the full-screen display.
– Added support for themed Windows XP controls.

Télécharger CaPriCe32 (Win) v3.6.1 (374.0 Ko)

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