La dernière version béta publique de l’excellent WinUAE.


– NCR emulation didn’t work with SCSI IDs 4-6.
– NCR SCRIPTS MOVE command phase bit test mismatch returned wrong interrupt status. (NetBSD 1.x)
– Added partial hack to NCR emulation that « fixes » NetBSD harmless « Phase mismatch: REQ not asserted! » warnings.
– IDE emulation: use LBA48 calculations only if command is new LBA48 command (read/write ext). This could have caused unexplained disk error messages if device driver used both lba28 and lba48 commands and HDF was lba48 enabled (>=128G in size)
– maxmem command line parameter can now also be used to increase natmem limit (if host OS allows it)
– b5 interrupt update had another problem, CE modes lost interrupts in some situations when using UAE HD controller.
– Partition hardfile dostype was set to mostly random value with some CPU configs (b1).
– Disabled « smart centering » (tries to keep old centering parameters if it is « good enough »), it does not seem to work correctly anymore (probably worked only accidentally) and leaves normal WB screen modes non-centered. Will be debugged more if something else breaks, as usual..


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