Une interface graphique pour émulateur en ligne de commande comme Mame, Mess et Nestopia.


– Favourites added. Favourites can now be marked, filtered and navigated through for each romlist
– Added a French localization (thanks Nolan!)
– Improved gamepad and analog joystick support
– Added GLSL shader support to layouts
– Import from Hyperspin and Mamewah/Wahcade! romlists
– Support proper multi-user install on Linux and OS X
– Added ability to filter based on display type and number of displays
– Fixed crash when creating filters
– Added ‘relaunch last game’ and an option to auto-relaunch on startup
– Option to hide bracketed text in game titles
– You can now configure layout-specific options from the configure menu
– New included layout (thanks cools!)
– many other bug fixes and improvement


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