Nouvelle version de cet émulateur C16-Plus/4, qui maintenant émule les disques « turbos », parmis de nombreuses autres nouveautés.

lotsa disk turbos work! you can now run a heap of programs that never before!
debug/disassemble/view drive CPU and memory in external monitor (use the command ‘w’ to switch)
dumping disassembly to external file in the monitor
paste text to the keyboard buffer from the clipboard (ALT+V)
preliminary drive motor emulation (will be necessary getting the rest of the disk turbos to work)
drive LED implemented
using real samples for white noise (courtesy of Levente)
implemented a high pass filter on sound output (courtesy of Levente)
menubar in the external monitor
context menu (right mouse click)
more accurate drive head movement emulation
synched the 1541 drive to be exactly 1 MHz (both the CPU and the VIA’s)
oscillator frequency reload registers are now sampled on each rasterline
sound oscillators do not stop when corresponding channel outputs are disabled
optimised true drive emulation (about 30% speed increase)

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