ipher nous met à disposition une version WIP de FakeNes, l’émulateur NES/Famicom, dont voici les nouveautés:

Updated and added copyright messages. [stainlessKnight]
Updated key maps and `Shortcuts’ dialog, also added slow mode. [stainlessKnight]
Replaced video overlay text with multiple message system and added input chat capabilities. [stainlessKnight]
Added input configuration dialog and fixed several input configuration bugs. [stainlessKnight]
Miscellaneous bug fixes. [stainlessKnight]
USE_CONSOLE changed to ALLEGRO_USE_CONSOLE to solve compilation problems on Mac OS X. [stainlessKnight]
Updated dependancies. [stainlessKnight]
General clean-up and syntax unification. [stainlessKnight]

Télécharger FakeNES (Dos) WIP 13/01/06 (177,0 Ko)

Télécharger FakesNES (Win) v0.59 Beta3 (845,9 Ko)

ipher’s FakeNES WIP Page

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