Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur Multi-Consoles proposant 3 modules: Genesis (Generator), PCEngine (Hu-Go!) et Snes (Snes9x), en voici les améliorations:

1. Fixed audio for Metroid Fusion (GBA) by implementing a missing BIOS call.
2. Added support for a real GBA bios. Place GBA.ROM in the MorphGear folder to use. With the fix above, it’s not necessary to do this anymore to get correct audio. There is an issue when using the GBA bios that causes the graphics to draw odd bars, so you may not want to use this feature yet.
3. Changed some audio settings to try to improve GBA audio.
4. Changed an optimize setting for the HPC build.
5. Refactored pocketrt.dll and it is now called morph.dll. You can manually delete pocketrt.dll or run the uninstall before putting this build on.

Télécharger MorphGear v2.4.0.9 (2,5 Mo)

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