Il s’agit d’un fork de DOSBox des plus intéressant, destiné à Windows Linux et MacOS et créé par Jon Campbell. Il possède une compatibilité excellente et met l’accent sur la précision d’émulation notamment en ce qui concerne l’émulation de Windows 3.x à ME. En outre il ajoute des améliorations en provenance d’autres builds comme DOSBox ECE avec l’émulation de la 3DFX en interne.


Les améliorations sont les suivantes:

New MinGW-based builds are available for Windows XP systems and lower end CPUs.
– Improvements to build process
– Source tree no longer provides configure script, you’ll need to use to build
– Linux RPM packages now include FREECG98.BMP, changelog, and reference conf in /usr/share/dosbox-x. If FREECG98.BMP is not available in the current directory, it will look for it in /usr/share/dosbox-x.
– Mac OS X builds now include FREECG98.BMP in the app bundle, and will use that if one is not provided
– Mac OS X builds will now default to using your home directory as the current working directory if run from the Finder
– BOOT now accepts a –debug switch that causes DOSBox-X to break into
the debugger when the boot sector begins to execute.
– BOOT now accepts a –force switch to override the PC-98 lockout,
if the user wants to better understand why I locked it out in PC-98 mode.
– PC-98 support now supports reading font from FONT.ROM, if available.
– Code, data, and output now respond to arrow, page up/down and
home/end keys as a user would normally expect.
– Arrow and page up/down keyboard input now goes to active window
instead of mapping directly to any specific window.
– Debugger interface now has the concept of an « active » window, and
the title bar of each window hilights if it is active.
– Debugger interface now hides the « variables » window by default.
– Fixed window « titles » in debugger interface to fill the terminal
line they’re on and use ncurses horizontal line character which
on modern systems looks better than hyphens.
– Removed one line padding around data window in debugger interface.
– Debugger interface redesigned to permit more flexible layout
– Debugger interface no longer crashes when terminal window is sized
down too small (when there is no room for the output window)
EMM386 (ems) emulation fixed to always turn on the A20 gate when
the DOS application requests to map pages into the EMS page frame.
– This fixes crashes with Creative’s Sound Blaster 16 installer when
run with the A20 gate turned off.


Télécharger DOSBox-X (Hx DOS) v0.82.19 (2019/05/31) (2,9 Mo)

Télécharger DOSBox-X (XP) v0.82.19 (2019/05/31) (7,2 Mo)

Télécharger DOSBox-X v0.82.19 (2019/05/31) (24,6 Mo)

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