Advance MAME est un version non-officiel de MAME spécialement conçu pour l’affichage TV avec beaucoup d’options d’affichage, mais aucun changement niveaux émulation par rapport à la version officiel.

En voici les améliorations:

* Added support for ACT Labs Lightgun in the Linux event driver.
* Fixed the order of the joystick buttons on the Linux event driver.
* Fixed the joystick dead zone management on the Linux event driver.
* Fixed an overflow problem in the YUV C conversion (used only if MMX
was not available).
* Updated the hq2x effect to the last official version.
* Fixed a crash bug on the `mean’ and `max’ effects.
* The `mean’ and `max’ effects now work also in the horizontal
* Removed the `filterx’ and `filtery’ effects.
* In the DOS version removed the legacy support for unchained
VGA modes (8 bit modes with memory in 4 planes) and the
VBE1 banked modes (not linear modes).
* Autoframeskip is automatically disabled if the correct game

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